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Tuesday, July 22nd 2008

9:45 AM

Invest in your face!

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As a model or actor the single most important thing you can invest in is your
face.  Or a quality picture of your face rather.  I'm talking
headshots people!  It's the most important calling card you'll ever have
created.   Talent is made and broke by the quality of your
headshot.  Casting directors thumb through the stack of headshots and yank
out the ones that pop out at them,  taking only seconds to
judge.   Trust me you want your picture to pop out at them.  You
want to catch their eye,  you want to be one of the ones called in for an
audition.  If you get called in for the audition,  then your headshot
did its job.  If you don't get called in for auditions,  You're going
to want to rethink that headshot.

"But I don't want to spend the money!".   Well to answer
that,   look at it this way.  If you don't want to spend the
money on yourself  to insure that you are presenting yourself to your agent
(you're lucky if you have one), casting directors, and talent agencies, 
and their clients.  Why on earth would you think that they would want to
invest one iota of time in you?  Why would they take you seriously if you
don't take yourself seriously?   Think about that for a little bit
will you?    If you are unwilling to invest your hard earned
money into your future,  why should they consider you for a commercial,
movie, or print work?   Trust me they won't.  

"Oh I can take my own headshot".   Really?  I'm a
professional photographer, that means I get out of bed each day and go to work
taking pictures of people and I use the money I get to pay my mortgage and feed
and clothe my family.  And I won't take my own headshot.  Why? 
Because it's really hard to get a good one.  Self portraits are incredibly
hard to master and it's best to leave it to the painters.  No!  I
have a professional take my headshot, so should you
.   If you
submit your headshot that you created yourself (in your bathroom)  to a
casting director and it is mixed in with actual professional headshots, 
how well do you think it will hold its own?    Seriously think
about it.

As a possible actor for a job,  directors are looking for people who
look confident, engaged, well groomed and professional.   You are only
going to get that if you invest in yourself and get professional headshots
done.  The good photographers in this country charge between $200 and $1000
to give you the headshot that will open doors.    Sure you could
get on Craig's list and try and find a cheep photographer to do the job, 
but why would you gamble like that.  Think for a moment,  if the
photographer is charging less then $100.00 for the headshots,  how are they
making  money?  They are relying on a high volume of people to come
in,  witch means your session is going to be rushed,  and not
relaxed.   And how much photo prepping are they going to do?  It
might be cheap but is it worth it if it doest get you the interview or
audition?  The average speaking roll in a commercial pays $400.00. 
That alone will pay for your headshots,  so it's an investment with a great

You want to be an actor or a model?  Get the best headshot possible. 
Don't skimp and passed over for the less qualified talent with a better
headshot.   Be smart and invest in your face.

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